SAIF Analysis and Investigation

Everteam.mea’s Analytical Services is a blazing fast enterprise indexing and search platform essential for big data. It analyzes huge amounts of structured and unstructured data with unparalleled performance, regardless of their formats.
It supports all internal sources such as Document Management, File Systems, SharePoint , Business Applications, audio and video, Intranet, Extranet, Office Documents, PDFs , XML, Images…as well as all external sources such as Websites, Blogs, Social Networks, Online Videos, News Feeds, RSS …

Analytics and Investigation Services

Saif Analytical Services is reliable, scalable and fault tolerant. It supports distributed indexing, index replication, load-balanced queries, and automated fail over and recovery. The very high performance of allows it to index billions of incoming content almost in real-time.

Saif Analytical Services makes it simple for ordinary people to find, discover, analyze and share extraordinary information.

Saif Semantic Services provides indexing and search technologies in order to improve the accuracy of the search operation and produce more relevant results. This is done by interpreting the objective behind a search operation and understanding the contextual meaning of the search terms within the sought data-sources.

Saif Semantic Services advanced features

  • With over 50 connectors, Saif Semantic Services manages all structured, semi-structured and unstructured data-sources including legacy and databases, social media, sound and video sources.
  • Saif Semantic Services provides a universal semantic dictionary supporting many languages among which Arabic, English and French.
  • The Semantic Services powers es.saif Analytical Services in order to provide a complete Analytics solution comprising search on sectors and dimensions, trends analysis, automated linking and correlation on semantic terms, content navigation…
  • Saif Semantic Services also provides some arithmetic operations such as generating sums and averages on numeric content when needed.
  • Saif Semantic and Linguistic Processes can also be used within es.saif Analytical Services in order to uncover trends and patterns in text (and soon multimedia) content internal or external to your organization.

Saif Linguistic Services provides linguistic analysis, fully and naturally integrated with everteam.mea solutions, mainly es.saif Analytical Services, in order to add multilingual indexing and search capabilities for mining structured, semi-structured and unstructured content internal or external to an organization.

Saif Linguistic Services advanced features

Saif Linguistic Services identifies the language of incoming text and then provides universal multilingual dictionaries and algorithm in order to:

  • Locate names, places, dates… as well as other dimensions on demand.
  • Name, location… matching.
  • Name, location… translation and transliteration.
  • EverSuite Linguistic Services supports more than 20 languages including Arabic, English and French.

    Phonetic search is a technology used to search for names that sound like a given name. A typical use is searching for people in a large content warehouse. Phonetic search can be dictionary based or algorithm base (Soundex, metaphone…).

    • Saif uses both approaches and can even mix them in a single search.
    • es.saif provides support for phonetic search in non-latin languages.
    • Track Manager is an advanced link analysis tool that allows analysts to visualize large amounts of data collected by organizations in order to accurately identify links between individuals, locations, events…It helps to take quick and adequate decisions aiming at preventing (proactive) and disrupting (reactive) terrorist activities.

      Track Manager develops the comprehension of:

      • All kinds of links among heterogeneous entities: individuals, events, crimes, phone calls, cars….
      • Hierarchical structure of organizations in general and specifically criminal and terrorist groups.
      • Routes and itineraries used by individuals and groups.
      • Temporal analysis of events.



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