Archives Management

Given the technical difficulty and cost implications of implementing an archiving system, especially when you’re dealing with increasing volumes of records, your organization faces a major challenge: it must anticipate the risks related to legal document losses or damages. It is very important that your organization ensures the sustainability of its information capital which resides in its physical archives.


EverSuite Archives: Focus on physical archives management

EverSuite Archives offers a specific module to manage organizations’ current and historical physical archive records, allowing them to meet legal requirements of traceability and conservation. EverSuite Archives is an advanced, highly configurable physical archive and records management solution that is easily adapted to cope with organizations’ most complex archiving scenarios.

Physical Archives Management Strengths

EverSuite Archives offers an integrated solution for the implementation of archiving policies defined by your organization. It provides you with a powerful and effective means to manage and control your physical records. You can:

  • Reduce storage and costs by destroying unneeded documents.
  • Control records for compliance and legal discovery throughout their lifecycle.
  • Improve operational efficiencies by automating archiving procedures.
  • Ensure permission and security management such as login authentication, password controls and access rights by function, department or record type.
  • Perform multi-criteria advanced search based on documents, boxes or location reference.

Our Archives Management system provides a full archiving solution for paper and electronic records.


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Archives Management Use Cases

  • Historical archives.
  • Banking and financial archives.
  • Accounting archives.
  • Human resources archives.
  • Technical documents archives.
  • Medical and health archives.
  • Insurance and claims archives.



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