Budget Management System

Running a successful government organization requires an efficient and accurate financial planning. Due to the specific governmental requirements, these organizations can’t find the appropriate tools to identify, analyze, measure and report their financial information.
Efficiently managing the budget of government institutions remains critical and inevitable with the need to find an accurate, customizable and open solution to answer common and specific business needs.


  • Inaccuracy in financial information due to the changing business environment, which may lead to making wrong decisions related to the organizations’ revenues or cost structure.
  • Difficulties in identifying which entity and department are fallen behind.
  • Achieving the budgeted results is becoming more challenging.
  • Entire government organization is suffering because of costs overruns.
  • Difficulties in planning ahead the budget and expenses.

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Budget Management System Strength

  • Seamless integration with es.content, as well as everteam.mea’s Corporate Business Solutions.

  • Offers a secure web services integration layer to easily integrate with legacy applications.
  • Completely built on top of the everteam.mea solutions Enterprise Core Services Application Generator.
  • Easily customizable without any additional coding.
  • Multi-lingual, supporting Arabic and English on the end user and administration console interfaces.
  • Flexibility, allowing to add additional components and modules as required without any adverse impact on performance and availability.

Budget Management System

Our Budgeting Control and Management System is a standard, scalable, open, and full-featured solution offering governmental entities the ability to efficiently plan and manage their yearly budgets while offering a 360° unified view of each unit’s budget and transactions.

  • Allows privileged system users to prepare and manage budgets for different fiscal years.
  • Increases and decreases by a percentage for given accounts.
  • Sets a budget as draft, default or final, which allows versioning.
  • Allows financial managers to initiate and build the organization’s future budget based on current or previous years’ budgets.

Allows users to perform several funds management related actions from one single unified screen such as:

  • Funds Reservation
  • Funds Liberation
  • Funds Forwarding
  • Funds Transfers

  • Enables users to view real-time data such as amounts deducted and added, details and net value…
  • Ability to automatically fill the submitted liquidation requests information.
  • Full integration with the Ministry of Finance, allowing to print the requests before sending them.
  • Offers end-users the ability to view given fund details from a common interface with details on reserved and non-reserved funds.

  • Designed to review invoices related to units in a given entity.
  • Customizable invoice attributes

    • Invoice Number
    • Invoice Value
    • Invoice Description
    • Invoice Date
    • etc…

  • Allows to register all payments related to liquidations and disbursements in the budgeting system.
  • Allows to scan payment related documents and attach them to their related payment requests.
  • Allows to register the payment orders and upload their related scanned document, along with specific attributes, such as:

    • The reference number to payment orders.
    • The reference number to withdrawal orders.
    • Liquidation number.

Offers a wide array of predefined visual and statistical reports and dashboards to provide users and accountants with instant detailed metrics on every aspect of a given budget, such as:

  • Yearly Draft Budget
  • Quarterly Statement
  • Funds Movement Report
  • Payments To Be Settled Report
  • Payments Settled Report
  • Statement of Account
  • Unpaid Funds
  • Cash Payments
  • Budget General Information



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