Consultancy Services

Everteam.mea embraces a professional team of experts who focus on advising enterprises on how to use technologies to meet their business objectives. Our Subject Matter Experts are greatly involved with customers, partners, vendors and all stakeholders, supporting clients from various industries in assessing their current situation, identifying their needs and formulating their strategies.

What We Do

  • We establish a deeper level of expertise for our clients by sharing our valuable knowledge and best practices in the related subject.
  • We help clients create strategies to efficiently achieve their vision.
  • We help improve customer processes, identify weaknesses and propose enhancements.
  • We help clients select the most appropriate and suitable IT solutions.
  • We support our clients’ projects by putting in place the most efficient and straightforward plans and strategies.

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Our Methodology

Our main objective is to provide services that ensure client satisfaction. Our methodology enables us to achieve our clients’ business objectives, and can be summarized in the following 4 phases:

  • AS-IS: Consists in assessing the client’s current situation in order to discover the current operational, technological, structural and other challenges.
  • TO-BE: Consists in formulating the most appropriate and suitable strategies and roadmaps that best respond to the client’s goals and priorities.
  • Gap Analysis: Consists in identifying the Gap between the AS-IS and TO-BE, and defining the required tools, resources, processes, time frame and costs required to implement the client’s vision.
  • Next Steps: Consists in defining the approach to kick-off the purchase process according to the metrics identified in the previous phases.



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