Content Analytics

With the emergence of Big Data, enterprise content management enters a new era of content analysis. Consider this:

  • Content volume increases over 36% each year.
  • 80% of the content is unstructured (emails, documents, mails, web content, multimedia).
  • 90% of unstructured content is not managed at all.

    Most organizations are challenged with managing the volume of Big Data they deal with every day. Traditional business intelligence tools and text analysis are inefficient, and can’t make sense of this information.

    EverSuite Analytics for Content Analytics

    Our Content Analytics solution provides a simple answer to better exploit and enhance your content. Using real-time analysis, decision makers get actionable insights to help identify recurring trends or complex issues.

    Through rich result-analysis dashboards, you make sense of millions of internal and external content (structured and unstructured):

    • View information in a range of text-based and visual formats including statistical graphs (pie charts, histograms …), pivot tables, lists, clouds, links, navigation, etc.
    • Easily navigate and drill down into the results in real time based on selected criteria: similarity, word or key phrase, filtering by geo location, grouping, and more.
    • Provide unified and intelligent access to relevant information, even on your smartphone or tablet.
    • Quickly index and search millions of multimedia documents.
    • Control risk management to ensure corporate governance.
    • Complete accurate semantic and linguistic analysis (Trend detection, anomalies, « buzz » news or watch, etc.).

    EverSuite Analytics gives meaning, and therefore value, to your content, so you can achieve your business outcomes.





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    Content Analytics use cases

    • Create a 360 ° view of your customers.
    • Corporate governance of information assets.
    • Facilitate e-Discovery.
    • Insurance and Mutual Associations.
    • Early identification of customer satisfaction.
    • Automate the monitoring and analysis of media in real time.
    • Monitor and analyze Internet streams and live videos, crossed with information data for national security.



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