Correspondence Tracking

With the increasing demand on information and services, organizations are asked to timely and accurately respond to different requests from customers or stakeholders, taking into consideration time, employee efficiency, content accessibility, and service quality.

EverSuite Correspondence for Correspondence Tracking and automation

Our Correspondence Tracking Solution provides seamless automation to help organizations save the millions of dollars spent on managing customer correspondences, while enhancing their service quality, increasing customer satisfaction and improving overall productivity.


Organizations’ most important commodities are time and quality of services. Being a fundamental business function, communication with clients, customers, the public and third parties through correspondences, is a necessity. Faced with the constant need to manage correspondences in a timely, consistent and efficient manner, these have become major challenges for every organization looking to take a competitive edge.

Due to the multiple forms that correspondences may take, from paper documents, letters, emails, electronic documents, to fax and web content…manually dealing with incoming and outgoing correspondences leads to higher processing time, inefficient information worker allocation and increased cost for managing and monitoring this massive amount of information.
Everteam.mea provides EverSuite Correspondence, offering organizations a solution to manage business communications by linking people, processes, and information together.





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Key benefits

  • Reduce storage costs, and unify communication production and content repository.
  • Enhance employee performance and reduce time spent on processing and responding to incoming correspondences.
  • Improve customer service by providing accurate, fast and trustworthy responses to inquiries.
  • Manage and archive all types of correspondences for legal and compliance obligations.
  • Achieve Return On Investments within a year by optimizing content production, reducing paper usage and consolidating communications.



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