Document Scanning

Having to cope with business-critical paper centric processes and large volumes of unstructured content, organizations are faced with the need to scan or store their business documents into their respective content repositories, while minimizing the disruption of work.

EverSuite High Volume Scanning for Document Scanning

EverSuite High Volume Document Scanning is an advanced, robust solution for capturing large volumes of content, from multiple sources. Designed to deliver immediate results and Return On Investment, it can feed content into any system, including EverSuite Document Management and Microsoft SharePoint, through its standard based XML export utility. Our Document Scanning solution covers the entire document capture cycle, from batch preparation to scanning, indexing and quality control phases. Some of the key features provided by EverSuite High Volume Document Scanning:

  • Sophisticated pre-indexing capabilities and productivity focused user interface, for efficient batch processing and advanced keyboard shortcuts, drastically reducing the time required to manually fill in document attributes.
  • Support for both TWAIN & ISIS standards ensuring compatibility with most market standard and mass production scanners.
  • Advanced recognition engine, for multi-lingual documents including Arabic support.
  • Built-in barcode support both for page separation and metadata extraction.
  • Advanced database integration allowing to use enterprise databases for content control during the indexing phase.

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EverSuite High Volume Scanning Applications

  • Scanning different volumes of document flows in centralized or distributed mode.
  • Mass scanning of incoming correspondences, invoices, vouchers, contracts, CVs… with advanced imaging and recognition.
  • Centralized filing and archiving of accounting and financial statements.
  • Complete electronic and paperless folder for clients, HR, supplier files etc..



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