Domain Specific Solution

DSS is a government-centric software application framework that provides organizations with the capability of building their solutions over time, in a scalable and modular manner, without reconsidering the initial investment.

DSS provides agile, fast and risk free solution implementation and deployment by using robust core solutions, extensions and adaptors.

Domain Specific Solutions

DSS consist of:

  • A powerful Application Generator based on customizable Templates and Classes.
  • A large library of customizable Templates.
  • A large library of reusable and extendable Classes.
  • A large library of industry-standard Portlets.
  • Reusable and customizable implementations in order to make use of initial investments across multiple solutions and projects.
  • DSS core architecture is built on an SOA-based platform and uses open standards. It consists of a federation of naturally integrated EverSuite solutions, which intuitively integrates content management, imaging and biometrics in application generation.

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    Domain Specific Modules

    • DSS Core Services: an advanced application generator aiming at building and maintaining security related applications.
    • DSS Capture Services: an advanced solution for capturing data from various sources and in various formats, by declaring, extracting, converting and standardizing content into one proprietary format for automatic import and capture into the content repository.
    • DSS Scanning Services: an advanced solution for the automation of high volume scanning, indexing, quality control and publishing of large volumes of paper-based content.
    • DSS Content Services: an advanced solution for the management and storage of content in multiple formats.

    Domain Specific Typical Applications

    DSS Applications include several business specific, security enabled solutions built around DSS Core Services and other extensions. These applications include:

    • School Management Solution
    • Municipality Management Solution
    • Border Management
    • Hotels Management Solution
    • Car Rentals Management Solution
    • Hospitals Management Solution
    • Travel agencies Management Solution
    • Social Media Management Solution
    • Processes Management Solution



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