Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Full ECM Functional Coverage

Our Enterprise Content Management solutions cover the complete scope of content lifecycle, from capture to disposition, in an auditable and secure environment.
Our ECM product offering is based on core solutions and extensions. With a modular and expendable architecture, available on both Microsoft SharePoint and J2EE environments, our solutions and extensions cater for organizations’ advanced and more complex ECM requirements.

With EverSuite solutions, organizations can deploy ECM projects using the combination of products and modules that meet their requirements. As business needs to evolve, es.solution’s scalable and modular architecture enables adding new products on top of existing ones.

Everteam.mea solutions Core ECM Solutions

  • EverSuite Capture; streamlines content capture, regardless of its format or source, into the central document repository.
  • EverSuite Content; a comprehensive electronic document management solution that manages the entire content lifecycle from capture to delivery.
  • EverSuite Case; allows organizations to improve the productivity of their labor-intensive business processes, by optimizing both workload distribution and processing time.
  • EverSuite Compliance; meets the growing needs of businesses for long-term digital archive and records management, supporting regulatory compliance, traceability and conservation.
  • EverSuite Correspondence; automates incoming, outgoing and internal correspondences, while enhancing service quality, increasing customer satisfaction and improving overall productivity.

Everteam.mea solutions ECM Extensions

  • EverSuite Enabling; seamless integration with existing applications without any additional development.
  • EverSuite Desktop; Desktop and Windows Explorer connector.
  • EverSuite Outlook; offers a better usage of document management within Outlook.
  • EverSuite Fax; captures and sends fax from EverSuite solutions through integrated fax connectors.
  • EverSuite BAM; dashboard and graphical analytics, in addition to reporting tools for improved decision making.
  • EverSuite Storage; advanced and optimized storage over a distributed topology of storage spaces.
  • EverSuite Viewer; advanced image viewer to display images of various formats with embedded image processing tools.
  • EverSuite Recognition; full text and interactive embedded optical character recognition (OCR).
  • EverSuite Portal; provides VIP and high management decision makers with an executive touch screen portal to process data.
  • EverSuite Mobile; distributes es.solutions content through mobile devices. Supports IPAD.
  • EverSuite Sign; electronically and digitally signs documents, ensuring security and authenticity of data.