Enterprise Resource Planning

In a fast evolving world and speed obsessed society, business environment is becoming increasingly complex and organizations are striving to reduce manual time-consuming operations and Increase business efficiency through increased and transparent communication between departments and with vendors and customers as well.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the efficient solution providing the right information at the right time and offering better analysis and control over what’s happening in a business, ensuring a smoother operation and thus, increased revenue.


Lacking an ERP solution, firms find themselves struggling to compete and grow in a fierce market and a rapidly changing business paradigm shaken up by non-stop technological disruptions. Using applications that are functionally deficient, obsolete, and isolated from other applications and data, they spend valuable time pulling together fragments from different spreadsheets, accounting sources, batch tickets, and sales orders to discover the company’s financial position.

Moreover, the weak communication and blurry vision between business units and departments leads to decision making inaccuracy, lack of timely information, business Process delay, client dissatisfaction, loss of revenue and loss of reputation.

In addition, one of the daily bottlenecks is the indifference of the target audience receiving plenty of choices, which raises the level of challenge between companies trying to set themselves apart from competitors.

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Everteam.mea provides a full-featured, state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning solution based on the Openbravo ERP platform. It is a fully integrated application suite that brings together features, functions, usability and technology to help our customers manage their business more effectively. Our solution also supports e-commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Warehouse and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, financial Management, in addition to an out-of-the-box Business Intelligence and mobility integration.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Benefits

Any company investing in any tools or equipment needs to make sure that the investment will pay; so what are the advantages of using an ERP system?

  • Centralized and unified system, which reduces the costs of buying and maintaining siloed systems for each department
  • Single reporting system to analyze the statistics/status in real-time, across all functions or departments.
  • Improvement in :

    • Collaboration between departments
    • Customer interaction & satisfaction
    • Real-time information and decisions
    • Complete and on-time shipments
    • Internal schedule compliance
    • Productivity & throughput
    • Workflow & efficiency
    • Instant end-to-end visibility into operations and supply chain
  • Reduction in:

    • Data duplication, discontinuity and redundancy.
    • Operating & Administrative Costs
    • Inventory
    • Lead Times
  • Faster month-end close through audit trails and reports
  • Enhanced security and easier transactions tracking
  • Effective human resources management


Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Features

Our Enterprise Resource Planning Solution are used for Bank Management, Inventory Management, Master Planning, Product Builder, Human Resources, Project Accounting, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Marketing, Service Management, Human Resource Management, and Project & Resource Management…

Our ERP solution cannot be described by a simple feature. It encompasses a set of capabilities.

  • Connectivity: Easy integration with any third party or legacy system.
  • Scalability: Easily scaled and upgraded over time.
  • Accessibility: Full web architecture and mobile capability enabling easy access.
  • Deployability: Flexible deployment options facilitating the solution installation.
  • Extendibility and Modularity: Ability to modify software to support new requirements, build new modules and accept future releases.
  • Openness (open-source): Freedom to add anything at any time protecting you from pitfalls of vendor lock-in + ease of access to the ERP source code + low license & Maintenance Cost.

  • Multicurrency Support

    • Invoices issued in foreign currencies.
    • Accounting transactions posted in several currencies in the General Ledger.
    • Valued reports automatically converted into other currencies.
    • Payments, collections, bank accounts, cashbooks etc. properly managed regardless of the currency.
  • Multilanguage Support

    • Multi-Language and Translation.
    • Predefined Languages and definition of new ones using translation modules
    • Translated Windows, Tabs, Fields, Labels, Reports, Menu entries, Messages, Descriptions, Helps, Country or Currency names…
  • Multi Accounting Schema

    • Allows configuring different Charts of Accounts for the same entity in order to show the account in different ways: a company can show its income account in different countries so in different accounting schemas.

  • Multi Device Support

    • Web-based application responsive Design and full support to iOS and Android. It supports different-sized mobile and non-mobile devices.
  • Multi Channel Support

    • Supports multiple channels such as phones, webinars, emails, videos, social media, web, advertisements, chatting…

  • Multi-tabs & Multi-tasking
  • Intuitive Toolbar and Status Bar
  • In-grid Editing
  • Column filtering
  • Quick Menus
  • Help Menu
  • User Messages and Alerts
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Forms, Workspace and Widgets Personalization
  • Notes and Attachments
  • Sending by Email

  • Secure Application Access
  • Auditing Capabilities through audit-trail feature
  • Functional Security
  • Data Security

Business intelligence represents the ability to provide quality and timely insights into business processes and information through different reporting and alert features.



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