Committee Meeting Management

Committees have long been struggling with the excessive overload of paper-based documents needed to be reviewed, brainstormed, analyzed, and evaluated during and after the meetings by the chairman and the committee members.

In addition, committee members were having a hard time managing the manual process of signing the multi-paged documents agreed upon post-closing resolutions. These complicated but essential tasks required excessive time, effort, and interaction between committee members and the secretary.



EverSuite Committees

EverSuite Committees is a completely integrated fully web-based solution. It enables organizations to manage their internal meetings by automating them with the ability to capture, index, and send meeting related information in a manageable and organized manner. In brief, the system enables users to capture paper-based and electronic documents, add meetings subjects, in addition to tracking and archiving the information of registered meetings.







  • Drastically reducing the amount and cost of used paper documents by transforming the committees’ agendas to an electronic format, thus reducing the time and effort needed to create, share, access, review, and update these agendas.

  • Fastening the workflow process by cutting down on the number of steps needed to create agendas and send them to committee members. Fax machines, printers, file creation, and agenda deliveries were less needed. Agendas were simply organized, then electronically sent to the committees to be accessed at any time and any place.

  • Decreasing the interactions needed to perform manual repetitive tasks such as signing or commenting, by enabling committee members to digitally sign single and multi-paged documents, and add electronic annotations and comments through simple clicks.

  • Boosting the control of data integrity by implementing a secured system, through which only committee members with certificates can sign documents and leave feedbacks.

  • Enabling the secretary to be informed of the members’ attendance through SMS or email, thus improving knowledge sharing and collaboration.


Users can access EverSuite CMMS or any other EverSuite application within their network using single common user credentials. SSO authenticates the user for all the applications he has been given rights to, which improves user authentication and simplifies password management.

The access to the system is controlled and restricted to authorized users.


The Home page offers a multi-tabbed interface, showing a tree form with different nodes containing the Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, and Tender Award Minutes

Meeting Agenda

Creating a New Meeting Agenda for a committee is possible by selecting the name of the Committee from the dropdown list. A form is then displayed, in which the user must register all attributes, Original Mail, and Attachment related to the meeting agenda. It is worth mentioning that upon filling in the attributes and saving the data, the system will generate a unique barcode for the meeting agenda

Meeting Registry

When the secretary prepares the final version of the Meeting Minutes based on the received comments (if any), she/ he will send the Minutes to the Chairman (or to the Deputy Chairman if he attended the meeting, unlike the Chairman) for signature (approval or rejection). If accepted by the Chairman, the Minutes will be sent to the president, who signs it and sends it to the secretary for review, track, and print.

Tender Awards  Minutes

It is possible to create a New Tender Award Minutes for a selected committee by registering all related data and documents.

When sent to Committee members, the Tender Award Minutes are signed and sent to the secretary (or the secretary’s assistant), who will send them in her/his turn to the Chairman in order to sign them. After signing the Tender Award Minutes, the Chairman sends them to the Secretary to be archived.

This functionality allows users to search for Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, or Tender Award Minutes using several search criteria (Document Type, Status, Document Sender, Document Recipient, From Date, To Date, Subject, etc.).

Through EverSuite’s integrated image viewer, which offers image quality enhancements, users can now easily edit and review his documents by adding stamps, annotations, highlighting specific parts of the documents and covering confidential elements

After making modifications on a document, the user is able to lock it using the Check Out functionality, thereby ensuring that no other user can change it while he/she is working on it.

This feature enables users to track Meeting Agendas, Minutes of Meeting, and Tender Award Minutes through various stages.

The secretary can receive notifications by Email or SMS in different cases, such as:

  • Member attending or not attending the meeting
  • The subjects to be discussed during the meeting
  • When the Chairman (or Deputy Chairman) signs the Meeting Minutes
  • Adding the President’s comments to the meeting agenda
  • Others…