Human Resources Management System

Everteam.mea provides HRMS, a web based Human Resources Management System that helps government organizations better manage employee information and automate HR related processes, accounting calculations such as payroll and budgeting, in addition to training and recruitment management.


Human Resources departments are faced with the challenge of adding real business value to their organizations. They will need to retain their workforce by investing in areas that will optimize expenditure such as integrated technology systems.

Human Resources managers have a variety of duties. They may be in charge of maintaining and keeping track of workers’ salaries, hours, insurance and benefits, in addition to interviewing, hiring and training new employees…which required in the past a great deal of paperwork.

Today, since most of the documentation for human resources needs to be digitized, structured, stored, shared, researched, processed and most importantly secured, implementing an advanced human resources management system is inevitable.

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Key Benefits

  • Easy and secured access to confidential personnel data based on user rights.
  • Organized and streamlined HR operations.
  • Closely monitor and track employees’ actions and tasks.
  • Integrated notification system to alert HR and department managers.
  • Document Management enabled for paperless administrative HR procedures.
  • Reduced on-site physical storage costs.
  • Rule-based automatic calculations.
  • Optimized HR Business Processes through embedded workflow engine.
  • Web-based and multilingual solution.
  • Integrated reporting engine to provide reports for improved decision making and employee performance monitoring.
  • Provides employee self-services capabilities through one central HR portal.
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems or third party applications to import and export data eliminating data redundancy and duplication.

Human Resources Management System Features

Human Resources Management System (HRMS) provides an efficient tool to review and speed up current administrative procedures related to the HR department in a government institution while addressing employee records management, payroll, time sheets and scheduling needs.

Centralized employee information management

Based on a state of the art, integrated Enterprise Content Management platform, the Human Resources Management System allows organizations to manage all employee information related to:

  • Personal Information
  • Job Status
  • Skills and Trainings
  • Absences and Leaves
  • Compensation and Benefits

In addition it provides integrated Enterprise Content Management tool to:

  • Personal Information
  • Job Status
  • Skills and Trainings
  • Absences and Leaves
  • Compensation and Benefits

Payroll Automation

The Payroll module relies on the Human Resources Management System to calculate the employees’ monthly pay slips. It allows the management of employee compensations and benefits in order to automatically calculate the employees’ salaries. This data will be used and managed in the Payroll module, while making sure that employee information is entered only once, and managed in a centralized system.
Payroll calculation takes into consideration the following entities, but is configurable to add additional entities based on the company’s business needs:

  • Basic Salary.
  • Transportation.
  • Compensation.
  • Overtime.
  • Benefits and Aids.
  • Awards and Grants.
  • Deductions (penalties, unpaid leaves and others).

Job Opportunities and Recruitment Management

Our Human Resource Management System also provides an integrated recruitment module:

  • Job opportunity details.
  • Applicants (internal and external).
  • Candidates shortlisting and selection.
  • Selected candidate record will be automatically added to the employees list.

Employee Self-Services

  • Portal interface providing employees and managers with simultaneous access to their HR data at any time, regardless of their location.
  • Empowered and engaged staff, allowing management to spend less time answering questions and more time focusing on their goals.

Administration console and Parametrization

Integrated workflow management services to automate, streamline and track the majority of Human Resources tasks from administration to payroll, recruitment and training functions, employee leaves and absences, compensation and benefits…

  • Allows defining and setting up the company’s organization chart.
  • Defines and lists yearly holidays.
  • Defines the organization’s assets.
  • Quick to implement, efficient to use, focusing on quick ROI.
  • Fully web-based, wizard driven, allowing administrators to easily setup, test and deploy workflow.
  • Embedded powerful reporting, alerts and monitoring features, allowing Management to be informed and notified.



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