Point of Sale System

The last thing retailers want is endless queues of bored customers waiting for their turn impatiently while the salespersons are using tiresome and time-consuming processes and manually entering the purchases. They are in deep need to rely on an appropriate POS system that rings sales, tracks inventory and helps grow their business.




Retailers have confirmed the need for a complete mindset change, an organizational re-alignment that allow them to deliver the promise of a seamless shopping experience. They are forced to focus on customer centricity by answering his growing demands to get higher convenience, speed and personalization in all interactions. They also need to serve their multichannel customers, and progress in Unified Commerce strategies, required for a successful distributed order management and inventory visibility, both considered key capabilities to succeed in today’s Omni channel retail.

Therefore retailers should consider the following:

  • How to prepare physical stores for their new role? How to prepare them to become smart and interactive destinations for customer interaction and engagement?
  • How to progress in Omni channel strategies for a better shopping experience?
  • How to effectively adopt mobile technologies for better operations?
  • How to do all this while leveraging prior IT investments? Therefore seeking easy to integrate new solutions?
  • How to develop differentiation strategies to stay competitive and build for growth with lower risks?


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Point of Sale System Benefits

  • Saving time and money by managing your retail stores, your warehouses as well as your business sites.
  • Reflecting your entire business history through accurate reporting and management tools allowing sales data analysis, pricing or advertising campaign effectiveness measurement, needed items and high margin items identification with the exact quantities, daily gross revenue, cost and profit calculation, and historical data analysis helping to forecast future needs.
  • Engaging more your customers by developing an emotional bond with your brand, and providing a personalized great in-store shopping experience.
  • Improved efficiency, customer satisfaction, lower costs and higher sales.
  • Auto-update data of in-stock and out-of-stock quantities are adjusted automatically whenever you transfer inventory.
  • Better inventory planning and forecasting methods for optimal inventory replenishment methodologies.
  • A secure mobile and cloud-ready modular architecture that simplifies the way you can adapt to changes or supports very specific requirements for continuous innovation. It can be easily integrated with any other system.

Point of Sale System Features

Achieve higher agility and enhanced products and assortments management including item management, product characteristics, variants or product catalogs as well as a powerful pricing and discounts functionality that allows you to optimize for profitability.

Item management

Effectively manage a very large number of retail product references or SKUs and shorten time to market when launching new products, using flexible item management functionality that provides detailed product data, including unique identifiers, barcodes, unit of measure, description, costing rules, product characteristics or product pictures.

Product Catalogs

Create, design and easily manage your multi-level retail product catalogs. Use existing catalogs as templates and create and re-order nodes and products position within the catalog or moving products from one node to another, just by dragging and dropping them.

Product Characteristics

Extend the description of your products with product characteristics. Examples of characteristics are size, color, quality, shape or weight – these can be used later to filter or search products in your different retail channels.

Product Variants

Easily create and manage variants based on characteristics such as color, size, etc. which are commonly used in some retail sub-sectors such as fashion. Create/explode and manage all of them as individual products.

Price Lists Management

Gain flexibility to support your pricing requirements with comprehensive price list management functionality, including the ability to create retail price lists with or without tax included to meet your local requirements, prices based on costs for an accurate margin control, or scalable level pricing. Create new price lists faster by using price list schemas and existing price lists and keep a pricing history with multiple price list versions.

Promotions and Discounts

Rapidly develop and rollout targeted retail promotions to specific customers or customer groups, products or product groups, stores or to any combination of the above, thanks to a powerful discounts and promotions engine. Define automatic and discretionary discounts, such as fixed percentage or amount discount, buy X pay Y of same or different product, buy X and get Y as a gift, packs, user-defined amount or percentage.

Assortment Management

Create, maintain and assign your assortments to your different retail channels. Use an existing assortment as a template, add/remove products and assign it to your stores. Identify those best seller products that will be clearly identified at the point of sale.

Seamless supply chain operations with comprehensive support to procurement, inventory and warehouse management processes in all locations.
You will be able to manage supplier and all his related information, control your purchasing process and creating purchase order from mobile devices, model your warehouses and physical stores, get real-time visibility about stocks in all warehouses and across.

Warehouse Management

Model all your warehouses and distribution centers at unit level (storage bin) and get real-time visibility about stock at each location.

Inventory Management

Get real-time stock visibility in all your warehouses and across retail channels. Leverage warehouse rules, reservations, picking, packing and goods movement documents for effective inventory management. Additionally gain higher efficiency in your warehouses and physical stores’ inventory operations with available mobile functionality for managing goods movements and picking lists

Provide a seamless shopping experience across retail channels including physical and online stores as well as other channels such as call centers.

Point of Sale Order Management

Provide an enjoyable shopping experience in your physical stores with interactive sales assistance using mobile point of sale and rich retail transactional functionality.

Web, Mobile and Cloud Ready Point of Sale

Open new stores faster and start processing sales in a matter of minutes, even with new employees. Empower your store staff with full point of sale functionality from a mobile device, which only requires a browser and can be used with different terminal sizes thanks to the adaptive design concept.
Leverage its multi-language and locale formats support (date, number) for your international store operations.

Scan, Browse and Search

Rapidly add products to the ticket in different ways: scan a product barcode, browse your retail product categories or search by text or by product characteristics. With product characteristics, you will be able to rapidly navigate through your catalog and assist customers to find those products that better match their preferences.

Customers Management

Manage both anonymous and named transactions and create/maintain new customers associated with a ticket at the mobile point of sale.

Ticket Management

Comprehensive functionality including the capability to work simultaneously with multiple tickets (park a ticket and recover it later), associate a ticket to a customer, associate a ticket to a sales associate, add ticket information or line information, or print and re-print already processed tickets.

Define printed ticket formats that can be assigned to each store.

Automatic and Discretionary Discounts

Be informed about automatic discounts and be able to apply discretionary discounts depending on your permissions, with the possibility of requiring a supervisor’s approval.

Increase cross-selling with real-time information to sales associates about eligible discounts based on the current items selection. And all this from your traditional terminals or from a mobile device.

Blind and Verified Returns

Easily manage customer returns from the original receipt (verified returns) or without having the original receipt (blind returns).

Cross-Store Stock Check

Increase sale probability with the sale tools like cross-store stock check, used directly with your customer anywhere in the store with a mobile device.


Layaway is an agreement in which the retailer reserves an item for a consumer until the consumer completes all the payments necessary to pay for that item. At point of sale you will be able to create a layaway and manage the corresponding payments.

Multiple Tender Types

Gain maximum payment flexibility with support for multiple tender types and the capability to combine them in a single ticket, including multi-currency payments, cash, credit card, gift cards and vouchers, as well as credit sales and vouchers.

Cash Operations

Gain accuracy in your daily store operations with a comprehensive cash-up and cash management functionality, including the use of denominations, management of pending tickets and differences, cash-up report and cash-up history in the back-office, as well as cash-in and cash-out (deposits and withdrawals) movements management, including a reason for each of them, for tracking purposes and fraud management.


Be in control of your point of sale operations with a flexible security model. Manage users, roles and preferences to ensure that only permitted users can execute special actions such as a return, invoicing a ticket, applying a discretionary discount or simply accessing a terminal.

Offline Capabilities

Ensure uninterrupted sales during a loss of connectivity. When terminal is online and a sales order is created, the terminal sends this order to the back-office. If the terminal goes offline, main functions of the Web POS such as login to the application and the creation of new tickets are still available. In this case, tickets are stored locally in the browser and sales are transparently synchronized with the back-office, once the connectivity returns.

Peripherals Support

Openbravo Web POS works with touch screens, receipt printers, fiscal printers, barcode readers, cash drawers, customer terminals and scales, and it can be easily integrated with additional store customer devices.

Flexible Back-office Integration

Centralized architecture provides a single integration point with back-office functionality, allowing large retail customers to optionally start reducing cost and complexity and increase sales at the store level, by initially integrating Openbravo Web POS with their existing retail back-office software.

Online Order Management

Efficiently manage your online orders and integrate the e-commerce solution of your choice, or leverage the existing connector. Synchronize product and price data, orders and shipment information, to provide accurate information to your online shoppers and get real-time visibility about online orders as soon as they are registered. Combine this with physical stores information to gain a single view of your retail customers both online and offline.

Other Channels

Achieve real multi-channel retail capability by integrating sales from other channels such as Call Center for B2C or B2B orders (for example MOTO orders managed from a call center), thanks to comprehensive sales order management functionality which includes features such as quotations, sales orders, goods shipments, reservations, sales invoices, customer returns and freight integration.

End-to-end management of your retail business including broad Financial Management capabilities and support to other corporate processes such as Customer Relationship Management or Human Resources Management as well as full support to international operations with multi-language, multi-currency and multi-accounting capabilities.

Organizational Structure

Sophisticated platform level support that enables retailers to hierarchically model complex organizations. The easy to use interface allows you to create new nodes (organizations), which serve as the basis of the security model as well as the reporting model.

Financial Management

Powerful and comprehensive financial management functionality including accounting, accounts payables and receivables and assets management. A flexible multi-currency, multi-tax and multi-accounting capability provides retailers with the required support for their international operations, including high quality financial statements and tax reporting to meet their legal and fiscal reporting requirements.

Adopt a future proof full web solution that is mobile and cloud ready for higher business agility and IT responsiveness to your business goals.

Web Point of Sale

Adopt a state-of-the-art web and mobile point of sale with strong transactional support from any terminal and to provide an enjoyable shopping experience in your physical stores.

Powerful embedded analytics and reporting capabilities for full visibility on your business performance that help to execute with insight and make more informed decisions.

Embedded Analytics

Make more informed decisions and get customer intelligence with powerful embedded analytics that enable the creation of OLAP cubes and personalized analytical reports. Information can be visualized in different formats and exported easily, to be shared internally or externally.

Embedded Reporting

Leverage a broad list of existing reports, based in different functional areas, and that can be easily adapted.

Query Widgets

Widgets are user interface elements, which can be placed either in a user’s Workspace or in a standard window. Query widgets can be used to display dynamic data in list form that can be easily filtered, ordered and exported to a CSV file.

Spreadsheet like Experience

All documents and system data is displayed through a powerful grid, which lets users browse, order, select, filter, freeze columns, group rows, and add formulas etc. with ease. Grid views are usually used as a starting point for filtering and data drill down data.



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