Safety, Analytics and Investigation

Because today’s dynamic world is witnessing a massive growth of information, and because national security and public safety have entered a new era controlled by crimes and terrorism, it has become crucial to empower organizations with the right tools and insights, while enabling decision makers to anticipate and take actions ahead of time.
To support law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and defense organizations investigate crime, conduct intelligence research, identify fraud, and detect national security threats…an integrated platform for innovative intelligence solutions is required.


Intelligence and security forces have nowadays fears related to the following areas:


  • Capability of handling growing and universal concerns related to terrorism, money laundry, criminality, illegal immigration, nation piracy, large scale kidnapping…
  • Difficulty to share and cooperate with foreign intelligence agencies of other nations (sometimes) with basic intelligence capabilities.


  • The need to cooperate with civilian services and law enforcement agencies with heavy bureaucracies.
  • Lack or absence of inter (and even intra) agency communication, collaboration and cooperation.


  • Access to cheap and easy to use yet highly technological and difficult to intercept communication means: social media, Skype, WhatsApp…


  • “Stagnation” in reconsidering conventional intelligence cycles: plan, collect, process, produce, disseminate, repeat…
  • Slow adoption of technological frameworks capable of changing the status quo…


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Key Benefits

Everteam.mea’s Safety, Analytics and Investigation Framework (saif) consists of a set of naturally integrated solutions and services that provide proactive and reactive analysis and researches on mined textual and multimedia content, in addition to a multitude of Domain Specific Solutions.

Saif is a state-of-the-art process-centric framework that provides a secured territorial shelter. It combines the tools and technologies needed for planning, dispatching, controlling, sharing, collaborating, and optimizing…through the following 3 modules:

  • Domain Specific Solutions: A powerful application generator to generate Domain Specific Solutions for interactive and automated capture and processing of security-centric content.
  • Adaptors and Biometric Services: A set of Adaptors and Biometric Services that plug to both DSS and AIS in order to allow the capture, processing and retrieval of complex content-sources.
  • Analytics and Investigation Services: A powerful Analytical Services framework comprising advanced phonetic, semantic and linguistic indexing and search capabilities, as well as a cutting-edge link analysis module.

Saif helps inform and accelerate investigation, information gathering, interpretation, analysis, sharing, decision-making, and communications.

Saif is also efficient in a “non-security” context, such as Customer Services, Marketing Automation, Performance Management, Trend Analysis…



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