Sales Management System

Sales Performance and Incentive Management Systems are used to accurately measure employee performance and increase sales, while delivering efficient and accurate incentives. Each individual is rewarded based on his performance and contribution percentage. These systems help enhance and maintain customer relationships, while motivating employees to build long-term, profitable relationships with customers.

Sales Management System

Everteam.mea’s web based Sales Tracking & Incentive Management System STIMS, helps organizations better achieve and monitor their sales target, and automate the incentive calculation and management, enabling quick and informed course correction to ensure the alignment of sales strategies, thus reaching desired business outcomes.


In today’s challenging corporate world, managing incentive programs can become an exhausting task. While virtually every business employs some element of Variable Pay to motivate its sales force, placing and calculating those incentives is a common bottleneck for both employees and employers due to:

  • Difficulties in managing and maintaining information in spreadsheets.
  • Increased time and effort to integrate core database with spreadsheets to generate the right numbers.
  • Difficulty in maintaining proper accounting, accurate and effective sales transactions and sales force motivation.
  • Reduced productivity when sales team are not satisfied with the commissions received.
  • Daunting and time-consuming tasks to manage incentive programs.

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Key Benefits

Our Sales Management System brings a streamlined transparency to the incentive compensation management system and provides several benefits to different operational departments within the company:

  • Key Benefits for Sales

    • Motivate your sales team
    • Enhance visibility into sales performance even before the periods close
    • Better communicate how sales persons can make more money

  • Key Benefits for Finance

    • Eliminate the dollars paid out in error for every incentive a company pays
    • Achieve a single source of truth for all variable compensation
    • Calculate commissions and provide financial reporting out of one consolidated system
    • Eliminate the question of why people got paid out what was on their pay check
    • Instant feedback upon change of plans to ensure that the company can afford those changes

  • Key Benefits for IT and Operations

    • Easily modify compensation plans based on strategy changes
    • Easily release compensation plans for new fiscal years and new products
    • Lower cost compared to the high cost of administration of homegrown solutions

Sales Management System Features

Our Sales Management System is a fully integrated and modular Sales Tracking and Incentive Management Solution designed to streamline organization’s incentive compensation management process.

It handles full sales compensation life cycle, including performance tracking and analysis, incentive matrix management, incentive plans communications, sales forecast and target analysis, commission calculation…

Product Catalog

  • Define and add the various products and/or services that will be sold by the sales team.
  • Define and organize products by categories, segments and classes.

Targets Management

  • Define and add staff targets.
  • View Target details by Branch, Agency or Employee over the specified fiscal year.

Staff and Hierarchy Management

  • Define and add employee data.
  • Define hierarchy and organization chart.

Incentive Scheme or Rules Engine

  • Create and define incentive schemes.
  • Incentive matrix.
  • Incentive definition by product.
  • Incentive rules and associated roles.
  • Incentive Cycle Tracking.

Sales Transactions

  • Sales data repository.
  • Import and register sales.

Dashboard and Reports

  • Actual sales versus target report
  • Multiple users view
  • Incentive payment reports
  • Daily sales reports
  • Sales performance reports
  • Source profile reports
  • Target matrix reports
  • History reports
  • Sales reconciliation reports…


  • System and application parameters
  • Directory management
  • Audit trail
  • System and application general settings
  • Data simulation module
  • Transaction tracking and monitoring module
  • Workflow Rollback Module

Payment Processing

  • Payment advice
  • Payment workflow
  • Payment cycle tracking



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