Everteam.mea Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Everteam.mea utilizes its 20 years of experience in the enterprise content management field to provide solutions to enable mid to large organizations leverage unstructured business content, enhance business processes productivity and comply with content related regulations through a suite of integrated solutions that are quick to deploy, easy to use and targeting a Return on investments within a year.

Enterprise Content Management

Everteam.mea solutions cover the complete scope of content lifecycle from capture to disposition in an auditable and secure environment. Everteam.mea ECM product offering is based on core solution and extensions. With a modular, expendable architecture and available on both Microsoft SharePoint and J2EE environments, Everteam.mea solutions and extensions cater for organizations’ advanced and more complex ECM requirements.

Corporate Business Solutions

 Everteam mea provides Business Specific Solutions based on the State of the Art es.solutions Enterprise Content Management Platform, targeted exclusively for the Gulf and Middle East Customers, covering the needs and challenges of the following industries: Healthcare Industry, Banking and finance, and Human Resources.

Safety, Analytics and Investigation Framework

Everteam.mea’s Safety, Analytics and Investigation Framework (es.saif) consists of a set of naturally integrated solutions and services that provide proactive and reactive analysis and researches on mined textual and multimedia content, in addition to a multitude of Domain Specific Solutions. es.saif is a state of the art process-centric framework that provides a secured territorial shelter.