Everteam.mea provides a comprehensive training program for Project Managers, Software Engineers, IT and System Administrators and End Users, adapted to each specific project, whether infrastructure or application focused solutions. Our Trainers are committed to providing you with the best possible learning experience by fully focusing on leveraging your skills to improve your knowledge in the training subject, thus achieving the best results in a short period of time. For this purpose, Training Plans are designed, and customized according to each trainee’s requirements and level.

Trainings Provided

  • User Training: Specific Training to guide different users on how to use our solutions; targeting specific areas of use.
  • Administrator Training: Advanced Training for System Administrators to manage and maintain advanced system functionalities such as:

    • Defining Privileges
    • Managing System Users
    • Troubleshooting Application related issues
    • Developing User Defined Reports

  • ICT specialized Training: An Advanced Specialized Training for the information technology department to provide a step-by-step guidance on how to support all the technical functionalities of our solutions.
  • Trainers Training: A Training to allow trainers to provide and conduct end user training for various types of solutions.

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Our Training Evaluations

  • Trainer Evaluation: To ensure an efficient training experience, trainers are evaluated by their trainees in order to assess their overall performance.
  • Course Evaluation: All our courses are evaluated by our trainees to check if they addressed the necessary materials in a suitable time frame that satisfied their needs, objectives and expectations.
  • Trainee Evaluation: At the end of the training course, our trainees are evaluated by our trainers to assess their overall understanding.



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